Becki Rhoads

Asset Manager

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Becki Rhoads is an accomplished Asset Manager with a diverse background in commercial real estate property management. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Becki has honed her expertise in managing diverse portfolios and fostering positive tenant and client relationships.

Since 2008, Becki has been an integral part of the real estate landscape, diligently assisting in overseeing assets, and consistently delivering exceptional results. Her commitment to quality, coupled with her passion for building strong relationships, has earned her a reputation for excellence among her peers and clients.

Driven by a desire to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, Becki is currently pursuing her RPA (Real Property Administrator) certification. This pursuit reflects her dedication to continuous improvement and her aspiration to offer cutting-edge solutions to her clients.

Becki’s approach to asset management is characterized by a proactive and strategic mindset, ensuring that her clients’ properties are optimized for long-term success. She believes in a hands-on approach to property management, leveraging her expertise to identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and increased efficiency.

Beyond her professional achievements, Becki values the importance of building lasting connections with tenants and clients, understanding that strong relationships are the foundation of a thriving real estate portfolio. Her dedication to quality service and client satisfaction has contributed to the success of numerous projects under her care.

As an Asset Manager, Becki Rhoads continues to drive innovation, uphold excellence, and create lasting partnerships within the commercial real estate community.