Darius Skogen

Associate Asset Manager


Darius Skogen is an Associate Asset Manager at First Western Properties and excels in assisting other Managers ensuring that managed assets operate at their highest potential.

Darius has extensive experience and expertise from his career in the retail industry. With a passion for training and commitment to excellence, Darius has played a pivotal role in setting high standards and mentoring new crew members to achieve peak performance. With a background as a Certified Training Manager for a prominent brand like Chipotle, Darius honed his skills in developing and implementing effective training programs. During his five years in the retail industry, he actively contributed to numerous successful New Restaurant Openings (NROs), where he played a key role in establishing consistent and outstanding service standards.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Darius maintains a strong sense of community and social responsibility. He actively engages in initiatives that promote growth and development in the retail industry and beyond.